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Mandie Dippold, Information Designer

One day I was meeting with my mentor at Empire State College (SUNY) and was describing to her what I loved about my job.  I loved that I researched and gathered data, analyzed that data, and then communicated/displayed it in a way that others could easily understand.  What I didn’t know was how to design a degree program that combined the principles of business and this mysterious other half of what I loved to do. 

That’s when my mentor told me about this up-and-coming field called information design.  The concept of information design has been around for a long time but not by this name.  Terms like graphic design or information architecture were used.  But neither of those concepts completely embodied what information design does.  As you’ve read throughout this site, information design is so much more than just the graphic piece; numerous principles are incorporated into good information design.

So my mentor and I created a Bachelor of Science degree program – an interdisciplinary study of business and information design.  I’ve studied and practiced information design theory, communications analysis, marketing, economics, statistics, writing, perception, research methods, creativity, and public speaking.  All these topics are greatly influenced by the design of information.  I am happy to say that I concluded my studies in August 2011 and have earned my Bachelor’s degree in this far-reaching field.

Combining the business side and the creative side into one “product” is complex and can be a difficult talent to find.  Some people have one or the other, but information designers have both.  They know how to best illustrate data and information, and can do so because they understand the data through their business acumen.  They are able to transform information into proper messages that can then facilitate the decision making process. 

I have been designing highly effective messages in the workplace for over ten years.  I am so passionate about information design that I have become an entrepreneur by creating my own information design business.  I provide ID services to small businesses which include developing and designing presentations, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, proposals, flyers, and newsletters as well as conducting research and analysis.  I can be reached at mandie.dippold@verizon.net should you or someone you know be in search of these critical information design skills for their business or themselves.


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